The Atom And The Atomic Of The Energy Level Of Its Electrons

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This energy will excite the affected atom, raising the energy level of its electrons. If these electrons are excited past the range of the nuclei’s binding attractive force, then the electron will jettison from the atom. These two particles, the ionized atom and electron, are now detectable indicating the presence of a neutron. This is the material ionization phenomenon (Crane and Baker). The nuclear reaction induction phenomenon occurs when a larger nucleus is struck by a neutron. There is a probability that the nucleus will absorb the neutron and become unstable. This instability results in the decay of gamma rays or other particles such as alpha particles and protons. These particles are easily detected and also indicate the presence…show more content…
In the conversion of alternating current to direct current, electrons from alternating current will also enter the diode on the left. However, in part to the oscillating nature of alternating current, the diode output of direct current will be relatively choppy, since electrons can only move towards the electron holes in the P-type semiconductor (Kuphaldt). As a result of the choppy nature of the direct current output, a capacitor is used to smooth the electron fluxes (Copello). A capacitor is an electrical component that stores charge. In its most basic form, a capacitor is made up of two metal plates with an insulated layer between them (“Capacitors”). As the electrons flow into the capacitor, their concentration and charge builds up on one plate. Additionally, due to the repulsive nature of electrons, the buildup of electrons on one plate will push the electrons from the other plate, creating a current out of the capacitor (“Capacitors”). This makes one plate positively charged and the other negatively charged. At this point, the capacitor is storing energy. So, the capacitor smooths the fluctuating direct current by slowly releasing its charge between input spikes (“Capacitors”). This generates a more consistent flow of direct current to the electric grids. Another primary component of the Farnsworth Fusor is its two concentric electrical grids. The DC current produced by the diode will be run
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