The Atomic Bomb : A Code Of Honor

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One of the documents above is from the Manhattan project, documenting the development of the atomic bomb. The atomic bomb was created to try and stop the World War Two. The people of the United States greatly did not want to use the bomb to end the war. The American citizens, and their government, did not know the rule of Bushido. Bushido is a code of honor in the culture of the Japanese. It bans all possible situations to dishonor one 's self or the family of the same person. The person who wrote the document is Henry Dewolf Smyth. He talks about their need of plutonium and the development of the atomic bomb, and he starts to work on it, along with his co workers. “ The ultimate responsibility for our nation 's policy rests on its citizens and they can discharge such responsibilities wisely only if they are informed. The average citizen cannot be expected to understand clearly how an atomic bomb is constructed or how it works but there is in this country a substantial group of engineers and scientists who can understand such things and who can explain the potentialities of atomic bombs to their fellow citizens.”( Preface). In this he states that all of the citizens have a duty to keep their secrets to themselves, and not tell anything to the USSR or any other nation. The document came from the atomic archive which is a very credible source, and the limitation of it is that it only covers the side of the US but it also gives an indepth look at the Manhattan project from the
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