The Atomic Bomb Essay

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Post World War II, fear and anxiety consumed the subconscious of many Americans. Many feared atomic matter and the mystery of what it really was. Under the Atomic Energy Act, all information regarding the matter was classified. “The Big Secret,” as it was called was both a point of interest and pillar of anxiety for many. Everyday life was consumed by thoughts and worries but driven by the curiosity of this new science (Osteen 1994). The ability to split the uranium atom was discovered in 1938 in Berlin, Germany. The energy released when this atom split was remarkable. The fission of this atom could power a bomb and later would be used to do so. There were many issues to solve in regards to how the actual bomb would function. In 1939, President Franklin Roosevelt was informed that the atomic bomb was a strong possibility. With fear of the Nazis building the atomic bomb before the United States, The Manhattan Project was conceived in 1941 (AMNH 2016). On August 6th 1945, American’s learned of the bombing of Hiroshima. This event sent shocks around the world and seemingly unanswerable questions were quickly evolving around the topic of atomic matter. On August 12th 1945, a report was released about what lead up to the making of the bomb and the processes behind it. This left many Americans still questioning the secrecy and created widespread anxiety (Atomic Heritage Foundation 2016). Day in and day out, postwar life was consumed by an overwhelming feeling of secrecy, fear
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