The Atomic Bomb

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Now, let’s go back to the not forgotten “four letter word”. “Gold” was the word our predecessors chose. With everything that comes with it including a bonus; an extra letter that figuratively speaking changed the spelling of gold to “Money”. Its weight, its vigor, had a big influence, and yes, its domination found the acceptance by the most who dedicated their lives to it. For the choice that was made we were hijacked. We see it and we pay the bills of their residual effects through wars, the atomic bomb, violence, crime, corruption, climate, nature, food, health, multinationals, and above all, our state of mind, including the psyche. Following our precursor 's mistakes, we have created a false reality. Speeding as we are doing, we have no…show more content…
The temporary victory, as the adjective denotes, won 't last. To the contrary, the eternal one that can be achieved in spirituality has no monetary value. It doesn 't require anything more than focusing on it with trust, in humbleness, and being appreciative for what we have, whether it is good or bad. This life’s status is of minor importance to the eternal. If we trust and say thanks sincerely, in any form we like, when we feel like it, the course of life will change in our favor. The Great Spirit is not vain, doesn 't require idolatry, but unconditional love for the whole and respect sustained by the belief in the Higher Realms. Such a felt belief, when it is present has to be ever-present. Above all, never doubt it. Furthermore, if doubt exists, it should be truly examined and compared, then let flow into humble acceptance. This way to believe will allow us to fly spiritually and see the magnificence that has always been present for us, as part of us. Let 's get back to Earth and our mistakes. We inherited a form of violence known as war. “The boy woke up in the middle of a revealing dream, picked up his guitar and begun to sing ‘We have to stop these men with the narrow mind, so afraid of themselves are seeking and living endless fights. We have to remind them that war, it’s a mistake of the past, we know that is their moneymaking we don’t need it, we don’t want that on our expenses, it will last.’…” From: “A Mistake of the Past” © 1979 War will
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