The Atomic Bomb On The World 's History

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The Use of Atomic Bombs in WWII was Necessary August 1945 would be the end of what is currently the worst conflict in the world’s history. Imperial Japan is the only nation from the Axis Powers that continues to fight with no negotiation of peace. The acting President Harry S. Truman made the only decision he felt could end this terrible war. On August 6th, 1945 Harry S. Truman gave the order to drop the first atomic bomb on Japanese city Hiroshima killing eighty-thousand people instantly. After refusing our offer for peace Truman gave the order on August 9th, 1945 to drop the second Atomic Bomb on Nagasaki killing another seventy-thousand people instantly. After a hundred and fifty-six thousand Japanese were killed in the span of…show more content…
However, both knew the devastation that would be brought to their respected countries so no real action ever occurred. The U.S and Soviet Union were locked in a battled labeled “Mutually Assured Destruction” where both sides feared the others ability to use nuclear weapons (Arms Control Today, Joseph Cirincione). Many overlook this fact, but it stands. If the U.S. wouldn’t have used the bombs on Japan then it is very possible the Cold War could have easily become hot for neither factions would have known the bombs true destructive power. In the book Nukes: The Spread of Nuclear Weapons states that, “If the Cold War would have become hot; the whole world would’ve been affected by the radiation from the war.” Many need to take inconsideration that the bombs being dropped on Japan possibly saved close to a billion lives. Many people in today’s society argue the true nature of the bombs. The text Was Hiroshima Necessary states, “ There are three arguments usually marshalled against the use of the bomb in 1945. First, that to use the bomb only against Japan was racist; second, that it was pointless; and third, that it was done purely for political effect that had more to do with the Soviet Union than with the war in the Pacific.” To refute the first argument the Germans were not spared by no means. Cities in Germany such as Dresden were leveled due to firebombing by the allies. Once the first nuclear bomb had been
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