The Atomic Bomb

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Scientists have always strived for knowledge. With knowledge comes more power and understanding. There are many scientists and nations that can be accredited to helping create the atomic bomb. The idea of the atomic bomb with atoms and fission was not conceived overnight. The scientist from Ernest Rutherford who is from New Zealand to German, British, Japanese, and other scientist from across the globe all contributed to nuclear physics and research on the atom. Most who worked on the famous Manhattan Project were from other countries. The Republic of science was not an actual institution but a belief that the scientists of the world would go beyond politics and world affairs to share information for the chance at more knowledge. The hand in hand connection of the politics and world affairs at the time changed the playing field for scientists and knowledge. The world was in the midst of two world wars at this time period and mass killings were occurring. Most saw a need to end war more quickly to prevent further death. The responsibility for the atomic bomb ultimately lies in the hands of the scientists who created the bomb and the politics that occurred. Scientists and politics are to blame for the atomic bomb as shown through their entanglement in government work and politics, the United States and the Manhattan project, and the Soviets Unions atomic bomb progress. The scientists get entangled in the politics of the time which in turn have repercussions. Scientist

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