The Atomic Bombs As A Weapon During World War II

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When the Eleventh Doctor, protector of aliens and humans, first landed his Tardis on the Starship UK he never imagined that he would be faced with the seemingly impossible decision of choosing between saving the lives of an alien or human. The government had enslaved and tortured an alien to use as the engine for their ship. The Doctor could not allow the cruel treatment to continue, so he had to determine who would die for the sake of saving others. Making a choice between the lives of two parties is a judgment call that makes a good story plot, but also one that the United States government was not exempt from. The United States government was presented with the decision to compare the value of the lives of others when the choice came to use the atomic bombs as a weapon during World War II. The atomic bomb was used in order to shorten the war and save thousands of lives. However, in reality the bombs killed thousands of innocent Japanese civilians and had unfathomable repercussions for generations to come. When the value of lives is called into question, people can be swayed by the forces of loss aversion and diagnosis bias to justify their decision. When the United States created the atomic bombs during World War II, American officials questioned when and where the bombs would be used. A select group of people comprised of, “government officials, military advisors, and scientists” were brought together in order to decide how the United States should proceed with the new

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