The Atomic Bombs

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During the 20th century, specifically the year 1945, the United States of America had two atomic bombs that the commander and chief, and president at the time, Harry Truman, knew about. President Truman plan was to drop the bombs on two of Japans cities, Hiroshima first and then Nagasaki. Truman’s plans went accordingly, which to this day leads to a very controversial topic on whether or not dropping the atomic bombs was a good or bad thing. There is evidence and reasoning to back up both claims, in which everyone is entitled to their own opinion. However, in my opinion, I believe the choice of Harry Truman to drop the two atomic bombs was the right choice because it saved lives, helped end the war faster, and it was merely the only choice for the sake of the American soldiers. During this time there was a lot going on. A few years before, between the time 1937 and 1941 Japan owned most of the land of East and Southeast Asia. When the attack of the United States in December of 1941 at Pearl Harbor, this caused the United States to enter the war. Japan did not have enough resources to fight against the United States and Britain causing them to be pushed out of the land of East and Southeast Asia (Basic Information of the Bomb). The then president at the time FDR died in February 1945, which leads to Truman becoming the new president soon after. The United States had two options when addressing the pacific front. They had to either continue man-to-man combat or force

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