The Attachment Theory Family Therapy Approach

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therapy model that would be used just for Sarah and Robert would be the attachment theory family therapy approach. This model would be used because they both detached themselves from each other, they didn’t use their sibling relationship as a support instead the avoid each other. When working with them outside of residential home it would be important to create a schedule that has flexibility, because it will give them some control and may help to make them more open to the process. An example of this that was effective can be found in Foroughe and Muller’s article about attachment-based intervention strategies. The article by Foroughe and Muller is a case study on a family that has intra-familial trauma and they note that when working…show more content…
This intervention focuses on helping to provide the client who has suffered a complex trauma with an attachment style intervention that focuses on the various subsystems in the client’s life (Foroughe & Muller, 2014). TBRI can be applied not just in a clinical setting but in any environment. This intervention would help Sarah to continue to make bonds with people and be aware of how these systems affect her. Also Sarah would receive support for her separation anxiety disorder as well. The individual sessions would also allow for interventions that assess how Sarah is adjusting to her new life, and the outlook of her new family. Robert would receive individual counseling as well to help him cope with the idea of being in a new environment that is not the residential facility. This will be more of an adjustment for him but it important that he is still receiving the services needed to keep him at the high functioning that he is currently at. He would also experience TBRI because it will be beneficial for him to have a constant support in all his environment and it important that he is able to adjust without regressing back to pass behaviors. The practitioner might experience the ethical dilemma of confidentiality when it comes to Robert and Sarah. With the age bracket that they tend to share but not want their information returned to their parents. It may prove difficult for the practitioner because they are working to gain the trust
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