The Attachment Theory Of The Early Day Care Essay

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Most of the housewives nowadays would likely to seek for a job in order to earn a living for the whole family, and it leads to a result of keeping infants at day care services. However, some critics argue about the sense of insecurity may be formed due to day care which may affect children’s mental well-being negatively, and directly links to the attachment theory. Bowlby (1953) define attachment theory as a long-lasting affectionate psychological bond in human beings, especially strong in the attachment between infant and mother. It is significant that the attachment and the day care would seriously affect the development of children. Therefore, this essay is aimed to illustrate how the attachment theory relates to the early day care, and whether it brings positive or negative influences to the infants and what would be resulted at the end of the effects. First, the stages in attachment theory would be stated, then, explain the linking of day care and attachment through the insecure stage

Attachment relationships between child and parent is differentiated based on two categories, secure and insecure, (Quan, Bureau, Yurkowski, Moss & Pallanca, 2013). Insecure stage also have been divided into avoidant, resistant and disorganized (Holmes, 2001).

In order to discover whether child is in secure stage, Ainsworth and her colleagues (Ainsworth, Blehar, Waters, & Wall, 1978) investigated a ‘strange situation’ experiment, observing infant’s behaviours and emotional expressions by
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