The Attachment Theory : Room And The Young Boy

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In this Developmental Analysis I will be referring to the Attachment Theory, which is the product of the joint work from John Bowlby and Mary Ainsworth in 1991. The Attachment Theory draws on concepts from ethology, cybernetics, information processing, developmental psychology, and psychoanalysts. (Bretherton, 2007) Bowlby revolutionized our thinking about a child’s tie to the mother and its disruption through separation, deprivation, and bereavement. During this analysis I will explore how the novel Room and the young boy, Jack, fit into the attachment theory. I will come to terms with how everything that Jack saw and physically went through during his five years in the room will play an important role in his attachment outside of the room. One of the main questions I will be answering is; how does the Attachment Theory explain jacks ability to adapt outside of the room. I chose to write and continue my research on the Attachment Theory and how it relates to the Room, because after all the hardships that Jack encountered during his first years of life living inside the room I know that how he interacts and trusts people when he finally gets into the real world will be different from most children his age. For the first five years of Jack’s life all he knew was his mother and Old Nick. Jack thought that everything that he saw on television was not real and only made of colors. Most children by the age of five have a good sense of the world around them, but with Jack being…

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