The Attack Of A National Disaster

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[In the world we live in today, critical incidents can happen at any moment. Whether it is an act of terrorism, such as a bombing, or a natural disaster like a hurricane or a tornado. There are critical incidents occurring regularly in our society. The effect of these traumatic events are felt by the victims of the incidents, in large and small numbers. There are oftentimes, unusually strong emotions attached to the event which have the potential to interfere with that person’s ability to function either at the crisis scene or away from it (Davis, 1998). In addition, to the physical injuries that can be incurred, there can be financial effects, and psychological effects. In the wake of a national disaster, a psychological support agency would be critical to the recovery of victims of the event. To develop an ideal agency to act in response to psychological symptoms that develop, this research paper will create a framework for an agency, outlining the size, qualifications and skills of employees, services provided, components and mission of the agency and how the agency will work with other organizations. The Mission [The mission of the psychological support agency is to provide a psychological first aid, to provide an effective recovery practice for all of the needs of the surviving community. These are addressed through support, counseling, assessment and treatment. This includes lessening the severe psychological suffering by supportive and sympathetic presence for
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