The Attack Of The Yard Line

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As the opposing team’s attacker sprinted down the field i accepted the responsibility to defend the goal. When the attacker passed the forty yard line it was officially my territory. I mustered up as much energy as i could to meet the attacker head on. I was down on the right side of the goal outside the 8 meter ready to ignite into the play. I was flying through the 8 meter each step felt like i weighed as much as a feather. A whistle blared, i knew i had to stop, my 5 seconds of floating ended abruptly as i planted my left foot on the crease of the goal circle. The floating stopped, the flying dropped and I was stopped. feeling my leg buckle beneath me and then a quick pop and pivoting motion in my knee with a slight crunch feeling I fell to the ground. Immediate pain filled my entire leg as it swelled to be the size of a balloon. In this moment i was alone, it was just me and my knee and the unbearable pain. laying on the ground waiting for the pain to go away, trying to realize what just happened in what felt like forever but really was just a blink of an eye. This flash back had just begun and had so much more meaning than it had seemed from the surface. Sitting on the field tears running down my face severe unexplainable pain bolting through my entire body i sat in what felt like silence, and i 'll sort of bliss. The game stopped the people stopped everyone 's eyes were on me in my most painful moment I was the star. The wonder in their faces the confusion of what just

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