The Attack On Pearl Harbor

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Not only was the attack on Pearl Harbor a mistake on Japan’s part, but had it not happened, the axis powers would have won world war II. The Japanese attack, without the full backing of its nation’s power lead to a less than devastating effect on the American Naval forces. The declaration of war on Japan, lead to Germany declaring war on America, directly lead to America giving full support to the European war and further declining the Nazi power leading to its ultimate defeat.
The attack on Pearl Harbor was a mistake in many ways by Japan. The United States was not intending to get involved in a war in the Pacific and had Japan not attacked, the war in the Pacific would not have ever occurred. If Japan went in without its full strength, Admiral Yamamoto cautioned that American forces would be formidable. He was concerned about the backlash from America if they still had military capability. “Imperial Admiral Yamamoto, who conceived, designed and promoted the Pearl Harbor attack, cautioned against a war with the United States.” (
When Admiral Yakomoto got the assignment for this attack, he presented his plan for complete success and the higher ups did not provide him with the full support that he felt was necessary for a successful attack. However, as he was commanded to attack with the resources he was given, he followed orders even though he felt under supplied.
“There are many who say that the Japanese would have been wise to have attacked with a third…

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