The Attack On Pearl Harbor

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The attack on Pearl Harbor changed the lives of Americans all over the country. To help make supplies for war, women had to get jobs as welders and electricians in defense plants. People used their radios to get reports on the fighting overseas(The U.S.). Most Americans first heard about the attack on Pearl Harbor through the radio. A radio station in Pittsburgh provided an eyewitness account. "We have witnessed this morning the attack of Pearl Harbor and a severe bombing of Pearl Harbor by army planes, undoubtedly Japanese" (Reinhardt). Footage of the Pearl Harbor attack was not released by the government for a year after the attack. In 1943 officials reversed course based on fears of waning civilian morale and allowed the release of films that showed the real terrors of war. Their hope was to shock Americans into strengthening their commitment to the war effort(Tuttle). World War II changed the lives of Japanese Americans all across the country. Around two years after the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor, FDR signed into law Executive Order 9066, which resulted in the imprisonment of Japanese people who lived in the U.S. The order was inspired by wartime panic(The U.S.). Once people started receiving the notion that America would be involved in the war, panic spread across the country. They realized that they all could be in danger. If Japan was able to attack Pearl Harbor, then the citizens on the mainland could be attacked, too(The U.S.).Within a week of Pearl

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