The Attack On Pearl Harbor

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On December 7, 1941 America suffered one of its first terrorist attacks when a swarm of Japanese warplanes emerged from the clouds bearing their red symbol of the rising sun. Only one day after, December 8, the United States Congress declared war on the Empire of Japan, sparking our involvement in World War Two. Only a couple years after the attack on Pearl Harbor, America was already on its way to creating the atomic bomb. By July of 1945, America was ready to test its first bomb and was successful. America had only two test drops before deciding to unleash the uncanningly deleterious weapon they had created on Japan August 6 and 9, 1945. Considering the thousands of civilians that died instantly and the radioactive aftermath, the…show more content…
Some could say that the main reason America made the bomb in the first place, was to show their potential power. Before all of this was coming into action, the U.S. and Russia made an agreement at the Yalta Conference that Russia would join the war under certain conditions. They had to have their status quo in Mongolia preserved, acquire more land, ports and railroads in order join the efforts (United States. Cong.). Once America made the bomb and decided that it was to be used, people like Winston Churchill decided that they did not want Russia to join the war. With the bomb and the new fear we created, we no longer depended on Russia’s help to win the war with Japan (Churchill, Winston). Americas other political justification was that the bomb would order the complete surrender of Japan. According to Henry Stimson, if they had continued to fight, the war would have gone on until 1946. They believed that in bombing Japan, the war would end quicker. Leo Szilard even states that the war would have ended on its own in under 9 months. They killed millions of innocent lives in return for a slightly shorter battle just to save themselves and display their superiority. Many argue that this was justified because there was warning. Although this may be the case for the first dropping, there was no warning for the second, according to the movie “Hiroshima: Why the Bomb was Dropped”. With America 's desire to prove to Russia,

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