The Attack On Pearl Harbor

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The morning of December 7th 1941 is a day that will never be forgotten. It is a day to remember and a day, which will live in infamy . The Japanese navy decided to launch a surprise attack to destroy the United States naval base at Pearl Harbor, because Japan wanted to stop the US pacific fleet from interfering with Japanese military activities that Japan had planned in Southeastern Asia. The Japanese thought that doing such an exercise would scare the US away from the Asia pacific region, but all it did was make things worse because shortly after, the US made Japan a major enemy during the war, and became determined to Japan at all costs. The attack on Pearl Harbor is what ultimately led to Japan’s downfall and its destruction instead of…show more content…
The attack involved Japanese bomber planes and torpedo planes blowing up battleships in the harbor so that they couldn’t be used against the Japanese. The U.S.S Arizona was sunk and the U.S.S Oklahoma was capsized. “The attack beached a total of twelve ships and severely damaged nine others. 160 U.S aircraft were destroyed and 150 other U.S aircraft were damaged.” The base was not at all prepared to fight off an attack, so the naval servicemen were almost completely defenseless. The attack was first focused on sinking as many navy ships as possible, so the U.S.S Arizona had very high casualties. Naval servicemen sleeping in their quarters or just waking up were awoken by sounds of explosions, aircraft flying overhead, and gunfire. Many of them would have quickly hurried to their battle stations, but all they could do was use the anti-aircraft guns and cannons to shoot down Japanese planes. This proved to be futile because the planes were moving too fast, and they were deliberately bombing the ship’s guns and cannons. Many unexploded bombs pierced the deck and exploded inside the ship killing navy servicemen in their quarters. Japanese planes were also commanded to destroy any US aircraft they saw, so all the airfields which had planes parked were also bombed and destroyed. The U.S.S Oklahoma was engulfed in flames, and many crewmembers were killed from the smoke suffocating them. There were also hospitals
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