The Attack On Pearl Harbor

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The morning of December 7th 1941 is a day that will never be forgotten. It is a day to remember and a day, which will live in infamy . The Japanese navy decided to launch a surprise attack to destroy the United States naval base at Pearl Harbor, because Japan wanted to stop the US pacific fleet from interfering with Japanese military activities that Japan had planned in Southeastern Asia. The Japanese thought that doing such an exercise would scare the US away from the Asia pacific region, but all it did was make things worse because shortly after, the US made Japan a major enemy during the war, and became determined to Japan at all costs. The attack on Pearl Harbor is what ultimately led to Japan’s downfall and its destruction instead of its success4. It also impacted the freedom to live without unwarranted searches and seizures for Japanese Americans because of the espionage risk.3 On the morning of December 7th 1941 many airmen and US navy personnel were just waking up or still sleeping, when the first wave of bombers from Japan arrived on the Hawaiian naval base of Pearl Harbor. The Japanese planes attacked only military targets; so fortunately, there weren’t many civilian casualties. The attack was very infamous because it was an attack of deliberate military aggression. Japan and the United States were not at war at the time, so Pearl Harbor is seen as being an act of war since Japan attacked first.2 President Franklin Roosevelt declared war on Japan the next day,

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