The Attack On Pearl Harbor

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On December 7, 1941 Japan stealthily attacked the U.S. Naval base located at Pearl Harbor, Hawaii resulting in many casualties. This IMC plan will outline the objectives, strategies and tactics in order to promote awareness of the attacks as well as develop positive community involvement. The challenge is to inform the residents of Hawaii as well as the general American public concerning the attacks on Pearl Harbor. The objectives discussed in this plan will be achieved through the creation of a unified design integrated throughout all marketing media including brochures, newspapers and print advertisements, targeted public relations campaigns and public service announcements. Everything that involves the event at Pearl Harbor must have…show more content…
Military and government to decrypt the Japanese war codes as well as communicate effectively with each other. As Parker explains in his publication Pearl Harbor Revisited, The cryptologist and linguists were not looking to break the Japanese military codes, but to decipher diplomatic messages from the Japanese Empire. Pearl Harbor is a strategically placed naval base located near Honolulu, Hawaii. It defends the United States’ interests in the Pacific Ocean and Asia. Japan’s strategy was to expand its empire across Asia capturing parts of China, Singapore, Philippines, and the Dutch East Indies. Crippling the U.S. naval fleet at Pearl Harbor would have enabled the Japanese to capture these Asian regions without the interference of the United States Military (Higgs, 2006) (See Appendix B for map of Hawaii and Japan). More than 2800 United States citizens, both military and civilian, lost their lives and over 1100 were wounded on December 7, 1941. In addition, over 340 ships and aircraft were sunk or damaged in the waters of Pearl Harbor on that day (National Park Service, n.d.) (See Appendix A for chart of casualties). This campaign is to inform the residents of Hawaii, Pearl Harbor military personnel and family as well as the American public the events regarding the attack on Pearl Harbor in a manner that promotes patriotism and subdues public panic. The campaign will cover the miscommunications and lack of communication
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