The Attack On Pearl Harbor

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West of Honolulu in Pearl Harbor, Hawaii on December 7th, 1941 Japanese pilots and leaders could be seen with eyes glowing with pride. For they had accomplished a great thing that day in the lagoon harbor. At that point they felt they has honored their Country with flying colors. Much of the harbor and surrounding lands was a United States naval base and was also the headquarters of America’s Pacific fleet. On December 7th, 1941, the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor in Hawaii became America 's ' strongest impression of the Japanese people as a whole. The lasting word that is brought up when talking about the attacks comes up as- "sneaky." The United States views Pearl Harbor as an unnecessary, vicious attack that dragged them unwillingly into World War II; the Japanese, however, have a different perspective. Over the course of many years the Japanese people viewed the United States as a barrier preventing themselves from forming into an unstoppable world power. The events leading up to the Japanese’s entry in WWII occurred prior the start of the twentieth century. For over two hundred years Japan had been an isolationist country, the only contact with the Western world they had was through the Dutch in Nagasaki. Before the visit to Japan by a squadron of USN ships under the command of Commodore Matthew Perry in 1854 the Japanese were not considered relevant in the war. After this event transpired, the opening of Japan to the world was forced to the world. Perry negotiated

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