The Attack On Pearl Harbor

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Pearl Harbor and F.D.R. Conspiracy President Franklin D. Roosevelt delivered his war speech and asserted December 7, 1941 as, “a date which will live in infamy.” The United States’ naval bases stationed in Pearl Harbor, Hawaii were struck by Japanese planes intentionally and promptly. The news of this attack on the Pearl Harbor shocked the world. It was devastating to the nation that were still in the throes of depression. Witnesses of this event painted a portrait of a nation stunned, but determined to rise again. The United States’ government had not disclosed a Pearl Harbor story to the public--that the U.S. had failed to act on advance information about a planned Japanese attack. Japan 's move against the United States was audacious enough to be considered no more than a slight possibility, although the potential for an attack had been widely discussed. The attack on Pearl Harbor was the product of Japanese anger at the United States and President Roosevelt should have taken immediate action to prevent it. At first the navy did little with its reciprocity prize. Only modest facilities were built, barely making a presence and servicing only an occasional naval warship. All that would dramatically change with America 's arrival on the world stage, that debut marked by the defeat of an enfeebled Spain in the Spanish-American War of 1898 The American victory brought with it the spoils of empire, with Cuba, Puerto Rico, and the Philippines now under the

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