The Attack On Pearl Harbor

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Auja Wilson US History March 27, 2015 Could the attack on Pearl Harbor have been prevented, or was it a completely unexpected and unavoidable event? On December 7,1941 the Imperial Japanese Navy sent hundreds of aircraft carriers to attack the Naval Station at Pearl Harbor. The question still remains could the attack on Pearl Harbor been prevented or did the United States do everything they could to avoid the attack. There were a number of conspiracy theories about the attack on Pearl Harbor, for example the United States knew the Japanese were an aggressive nation that would stop at nothing to be superior, especially after World War I when the Japanese suffered considerably financially from the depression, and there was evidence supporting a possible attack from Japan. Did this knowledge of a possible attack fall on deaf ears? Majority of the Japanese economy was based off of exporting silk goods and when the price of silk dropped tremendously the Japanese became an economic state. Because of Japan lack of natural resources and their vast growing population size they needed to expand into another country. From this point on there was no stopping the Japanese; they aggressively attacked country after country with no plan to stop. The United States knew of the attacks that happening but yet did nothing about it because they wanted to try and stay neutral. Even when the United States encoded the Japanese plan to attack on Pearl Harbor the Americans did nothing. Due to

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