The Attack On The United States

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The Attack on the September 11, and the consequent War on Terror changed how the American government and its public perceive terrorism and how to formulate a policy to counter the phenomenon. A couple of large wars were waged on the name of War on Terror and many other small wars and conflicts took place in numbers of countries and continents to eradicate the threat of a terrorist attack. Yet the terrorist groups survived and the United States were left with a large debt acquired by expensive counterterrorism effort. After more than a decade, we are still facing the same enemy with no concrete plan to end the conflict. As long as the United States remains as a world powerhouse and a key player in global stage, it will be a target of a terrorist attack, so there must be an effective plan to finally end the threat of terrorism. The counter-terrorism strategy of the United States following the Attack on September 11 has been largely ineffective. In order to end the Fourth Wave of Modern Terrorism, there must be a strategy shift within the United States government while simultaneously creating a counter-narrative to oppose Al-Qaeda 's propaganda. The Fourth Wave of Terrorism began with Al-Qaeda and it must end with destruction of this organization. Al-Qaeda is the most notable terrorist organization of the twenty first century. Many of the group like Al-Shabaab in Somalia, Abu Sayyaf of Philippines and Boko Haram in Nigeria are designated by global community as a terrorist
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