The Attack On The World Trade Center Towers

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4.1 Originated Yousef was born in Kuwait and spent time in an Al-Qaeda training camp located in
Afghanistan before commencing the attack against the United States. In 1991 Yousef began to plan his attack against the United States. He had arrived illegally on September 1, 1992. He partnered with Ahmed Ajaj from Pakistan and on the flight, Yousef and Ahmed acted as if they traveled separately and didn’t know each other. The attack on the World Trade Center Towers was planned by Ramzi Yousef, Mahmud Abouhalima, Mohammad Salameh, Nidal Ayyad, Abdul Rahman Yasin and Ahmad Ajaj. They received the finance from Yousef’s uncle, Khalid Sheikh Mohammed. Four men were convicted in March, 1994 for carrying out the
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The first new leader of the nation after the end of the Cold War and the preceding president 's’ announcement of a new world order was in between a few weeks given an intriguing reminder that with the Soviet Union out of the way, the United States faced a clear and present danger ahead the presidential future. Besides the six lives lost and the triggering amount of people injured, the bark was much worse than the bite of this attack. The bomb, made by the head terrorist Ramzi Yousef astonished and dismayed many over the fact on the amount of damage the bomb was able to create in the underground parking garage of the World Trade Center. Nonetheless, the bombing remains the subject of much conjecture and supposition, some well evidenced and others not, and served to implant the idea in the American and Western consciousness of Islamic terrorists attacking during the World Trade Center in 1993. The majority of the attack impacted the underground garage of the the World Trade Center Tower. The purpose of this attack was the intention of bombing the north towers and crashing it into the south tower killing thousands tearing down the nation over sovereignty, dominance, and supremacy raising hierarchy in in the Islamic country.

Figure 4.2 The underground basement was as well destroyed (The National Academic Press)

4.3 Journey

Yousef had surprisingly no relation with the September eleventh attack but was the head chief of the
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