The Attack at Pearl Harbor

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On December 7, 1941, one of the most devastating attacks in United States history occurred at Pearl Harbor, Hawaii. On the morning of that day, unsuspecting soldiers were going about their regular duties when an air attack from Japan hit them. Japan sent hundreds of airplanes carrying bombs that brought utter destruction and devastation to hundreds of military equipment, airplanes, and weapons. In a relatively short period of time, 2,402 Americans were killed, and 1,282 were wounded (Merriam). The attacks came during a time where no one on the military base was expecting it, nor were they prepared for such an act to occur. The impact that it had on the United States was astounding. It was shortly after the attack on Pearl Harbor that the United States declared war on Japan and officially entered World War II (Hill). This war against Hitler and the Nazis was one that the United States had avoided since its initiation, but after this attack, the U.S. had no choice but to join the already ongoing war. The United States entering the war was something that would not only bring revenge to a terrorist attack on United States soil, but it would also bring a much necessary uplift to an economy recovering from a recession (Hill). This brings to question whether the United States knew in advance that Japan was going to attack the United States. The attack came at a precise perfect moment when the United States was in desperate need of financial stability. War always brings money,

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