The Attack on Pearl Harbor

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Attack on Pearl Harbor
Introduction. I chose this battle because I had been hearing about the attack on Pearl Harbor, but I did not know much about it. This paper talks about the countries that fought in this battle, where the battle was fought, what the geography was like during the battle, what the weather was like, what happened during this battle, how many casualties occurred, other things I learned about the battle, who won the battle, and how the battle was important to WWII.
What countries fought in this battle. During this battle, the country of Japan attacked the country of the United States.
Where was the battle fought? What was the geography like during this battle? The Japanese attacked Pearl Harbor which is located on the island of O’ahu, Hawaii, which was at that time a territory of the United States. They bombed the Navy air bases at Ford Island and Kaneohe Bay, the Marine airfield at Ewa and the Army Air Corps Fields at Bellows Wheeler and Hickam. The island of O’ahu was considered important because of the good enclosed fleet anchorage at Pearl Harbor. Pearl Harbor is located 3,430 nautical mile southeast of Tokyo.
What was the weather like during the battle. On the morning of Sunday December 7, 1941, it was partly cloudy with most clouds on the mountains. This weather provide the Japanese with good visibility to carry out the attack.
What happened during this battle? The Japanese really practiced and prepared carefully for their attack on Pearl Harbor.
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