The Attitude of a Hacker in Kevin Mitnick's The Art of Intrusion

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Kevin Mitnick, The Condor, The Darkside Hacker, The greatest hacker alive, whatever name he was given that pins him down as a perpetrator of the law, Kevin Mitnick still serves as an educator to enthusiasts in the world of Information Security. He unveils many secrets of the hacker in The Art of Deception. The Art of Intrusion takes a different twist from its predecessor. It looks at the attitude of the hacker and what drives them. Personally the book lacked the full degree of intrusions one is capable of. Looking at the resume Kevin Mitnick has, successful intruder, phenomenal social engineer, most wanted of the law, caught and convicted criminal, security consultant and finally company CEO, one would have expected his personal experiences and intrusions that finally landed him as the greatest hacker ever known by the media. With this the book lacked some sort of uniqueness because it was based on other stories of intrusions. Mitnick took different stories and merged lots of information through them which in turn ended up being more of an introduction course to types of security breaches than an in depth look at how hackers can breach security. This showed some form of incompleteness especially to a technical audience. For the non-technical it serves as a good read but not much is learnt and gained by the technical audience so I feel the target audience was blurred out. The stories seemed very fictional which again raised the suspicion of whether they were really true or

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