The Attitudes Of Minority And Immigration

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For my investigative assignment on the conceptions of minority and immigration, I have interviewed three people whom I interviewed separately for better and credible results. They are all Asian Americans and two of them are American born and one of them is a foreign born but has a permanent resident status. When I asked them what they think when they hear the word “minority,” all three of my interviewees answered as groups of people who are not white. Though one interviewee, whom I will address as “A” answered that males are not the minority as well. The other interviewee, who I will call “B,” stated that when hearing the word “minority,” she sees images of suppression, poverty, and anger. She connected suppression and anger with the Ferguson shooting, which led to the death of a young black boy named Michael Brown. This incident further proved the severity of the racial discrimination in our country and left black communities upset. For the question about how they feel when they hear the word “immigration,” all three answered differently. One interviewee, who I will call “C,” just provided a simple definition of immigration: person or family that moved from one country to another. A and B, though, were more descriptive with their answers. A said that when she hears the word immigration, she thinks about Americans, regardless of race, ethnicity, or gender because most of the American citizens are immigrants or are descendants of immigrants. B rather answered with more
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