The Attorney For The Damned

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On August 22, 1924 the famous orator Clarence Darrow, dubbed “the attorney for the damned.” begins his 12 hour-long closing arguments, for the most covered news story since World War I. Darrow mixes ethos and logos appeals, bringing tears to the eyes of the judge and many in the courtroom, to serve justice by saving his clients, Leopold and Loeb from the death penalty. Darrow implores the Judge to spare the lives of Leopold and Loeb. As Darrow said, “I am pleading for life…I am pleading that we overcome cruelty with kindness and hatred with love.” (Placeholder1; Linder) Three months prior on Wednesday, May 22, 1924; two college boys ignite one of the most stunning Mass Media events of the Twentieth Century. Nathan “Babe" Leopold born to wealthy immigrant Jewish-Germans is a 19-year-old, child prodigy with an intelligence score of 210. He has already completed an undergraduate degree at the University of Chicago with Phi Beta Kappa honors and plans to begin studies at Harvard Law School upon returning from a family trip to Europe. (Placeholder1; Linder) Richard “Dickie” Loeb an 18-year-old whose father is a Jewish lawyer and also the Vice-president of the Sears and Roebucks Company, his mother is Catholic. Loeb skipped several grades in school. He holds the distinction of being University of Michigan 's youngest graduate at the age of 17. Loeb described as “unmotivated”, “lazy” and “obsessed with crime” and spends most of his time reading crime novels, a popular
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