The Attribute And Function Of The Satguru Essay

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Reiterating yet again the salvific attribute and function of the Satguru, the Pir reminds his addressees that the Satguru has come to the terrestrial plane and has brought with Him, the secret knowledge of spiritual freedom and adds that through embrace of the Nūr of the Satguru, one attains immortality. The first two lines of this verse, which are almost similar to the opening two lines of the eleventh verse of this composition, reaffirm that the Satguru is indeed the custodian of the knowledge of, and holder of the key to, salvation. This fact resonates with the stipulation in the preamble of the Ismaili Constitution that Imam’s Ta‘lim lights the murids’ path to spiritual enlightenment and vision. Essentially, these two lines encapsulate the theme of the redemptive attribute and role of the Satguru, discussed in verses eleven, eighteen, nineteen, twenty-three and twenty-six of this granth. Apart from serving as a reminder to the believers to seek emancipation through the Satguru, the Ginans, through their persistent emphasis on the redemptive function of the Satguru, seek to highlight the fact that, leading the faithful to spiritual liberation is one of the most significant roles of the Satguru and may as well be His raison d 'être. Thus, one of the recurring themes of the Ginans is mukti or salvation, just as the most frequent entreaty found in Ginans is for deliverance, while one of the commonest appellations of the Satguru in the Ginans is tāraṇhār, which

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