The Attributes Of Effective Leaders

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Attributes of Effective Leaders Specific Purpose: To inform my audience of the importance of four essential attributes possessed by effective leaders. Introduction I. We all have an image that comes to mind when we think of great leaders. It may be the President of the United States or other world leader, or a famous athlete or coach. A far less prominent group of leaders we all relate to personally and find important is the leaders within the companies we work for. II. What do we look for in a leader in the workplace? What traits do they possess and how do they influence the people that work for them? In our careers we will all be the leaders or we will work for the leaders, so this this either pertains to us…show more content…
A. A company 's vision is the overall direction of the company and what it is trying to accomplish. This is the ultimate goal the company is trying to reach. It answers the question, "who and what are we going to be?" B. The company vision is typically expressed in a vision statement and is concise, yet specific to the direction and objective of the company. It is typically a very bold statement that is relevant, but may or may not actually be possible. 1. An example of this type of vision statement that has practically come true is that of Microsoft. In the early 1980s, Bill Gates ' vision statement for Microsoft was "A computer on every desk in every home." This was a very lofty goal at a time when very few households had computers. 2. Another good example of a vision statement is Davita Dialysis. Davita is one of my company 's clients that we are very familiar with. Their company vision is "To Build the Greatest Healthcare Community the World has Ever Seen." This is far less measurable than the vision statement of Microsoft, but it is equally ambitious. a) These statements are long-term forecasts for the company 's aspirations. 3. The importance of a clear vision statement is summarized in an article from the Harvard Business Review. It states that "In the press of day-to-day
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