The Attributes Of Public Opinion And Its Effect On Health

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The Attributes of Public Opinion and its Effect on Health Reform By Lujain Alyahya DePaul University April, 24, 2017 According to Brodie, Altman, Deane, Buscho and Hamel (2010) in their article “Liking The Pieces, Not The Package: Contradictions in Public Opinion During Health Reform” The publics opinion on health reform has been historically consistent and steady. The authors examined public opinion through historical and comparative analysis of survey polls data which can be accessed in the database iPoll at the Roper Center for Public Opinion Research. The survey data suggests a major determining factor in the public’s ultimate judgment of a reform during its implementation is the perceived impact at the personal level. The article…show more content…
These polls were studied and then broken down into various parts (trends) in their area of study. One of the main attribute of publics’ opinion addresses “competing issues”. When it comes to the public’s idea and opinion of healthcare versus other competing issues, healthcare always seems to be in the top priority. There are many issues the public feel very strong about thus creating “competing issues.” Even with such competing issues healthcare is always a strong contender and prioritized accordingly. Touching on the interaction of the government on healthcare comes with the overall distrust of the government. A common trend observed in many polls shows that the public does not feel the government will do what’s right when the time calls for it. Although it comes from the mistrust of the opposers of healthcare reform, this pushes the idea that some people feel that the government has too much of a role in healthcare. This illustrates that possibly that the government could cut programs inside healthcare to benefit themselves rather than the public. Approximately 19 percent of the polled public in 2010 thought that the government handles healthcare reform properly keeping the general public at its best interest. Although a substantial number (percentage), it has improved overall decreasing from 69 percent in 1965 when the birth of Medicare was seen. Americans’ views on healthcare reform seem to always be clearly divided

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