The Auburn University Athletics Department

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Morgan Ranker
October 18, 2016
CMST 339-2C
Interview Essay

The Auburn University Athletics Department continues to make major strides in benefiting students, Auburn fans, and the general public. As the Assistant Athletic Director of Public Relations and Strategic Communication at Auburn University, Cassie Arner focuses on a multitude of tasks to keep the public informed of many parts and corresponding activities of the university 's athletic programs, ranging anywhere from managing a chaotic game day to handling legal crises among student-athletes or faculty members. As a main figure in Auburn 's branch of athletics, Arner oversees short and long-term communication strategies designed to enhance the overall support of the college 's National Collegiate Athletic Association ("NCAA") Division I sports programs. Cassie Arner first attended the University of Southern Mississippi in 1991, where she then received her Bachelor of Science in Journalism with an emphasis in Public Relations in 1995. Arner 's interest in athletics began soon after she started her education studying public relations. Throughout college, Arner worked as a sports information student assistant. She was then hired as a public relations intern and eventual faculty member of the Southern Mississippi Athletics Department upon graduation. From there, Arner went on to become a public relations professional specifically in the athletic departments at Virginia Tech, The University of Illinois, The

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