The Audience Of Jesus 's Speech

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The audience that Jesus was speaking to was engulfed in the teaching of the day. Not only through the hearing of the teachings, but also through the actions of those in religious leadership and the actions of normal every day people. Jesus made sure that the church was aware that he was not discounting the law or trying to replace it, but rather he was getting back to "the heart of the law" and showing how kingdom people live out these laws . Jesus did this by going through laws that had been given and misinterpreted, and then Jesus guides them on what the law was originally trying to say. I will argue that Jesus was trying to get back to the heart of the laws that were given, as well as encourage his followers to give up their rights for the sake of others. One example is the use of oaths. In Judaism, oaths were being used in order to denote some words as "especially true ." Oaths and vows were used so much in excess that people no longer took them serious . People actually became skeptical when another person swore by oath, because they were so commonly broken . A procedure that was meant for good, had become something so diverted from the original intent. These oaths are somewhat comparable to the judicial system in the United States . There is a distinction made in the United States judicial system between lies not under oath that may be morally wrong, but when someone tells a lie while under oath, it is a crime . Jesus does not let this separation exist. Words must…
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