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Auditor, an instructional novella written by James K. Loebbecke, tells the story of Jack Butler, a man from the San Francisco Bay area, who goes to college, majors in accounting, and goes to work for a large accounting firm referred to as “The Firm.” The story is loosely based upon the real world experiences of the author, and is written to give students a look into the world of public accounting that goes beyond a textbook. The Auditor not only gives students a chance to follow Jack Butler’s journey up the company ladder at The Firm, but also reiterates the relative importance of conventional lessons learned in school.
The story begins with a nerve filled morning for Jack Butler. He is one of three managers who are being considered for
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Chapter five marks the beginning of Jack’s career at The Firm. It is on this day that he is introduced to the “Bearisms.” Bearisms were a list of unwritten rules and sayings The Bear, Quentin Barnes, had compiled over his years with The Firm. Two weeks later, Jack was headed to a national training center for The Firm. Upon returning from his training trip, Jack sets out on his first audit engagement to the Bakersfield Cement Plant. On his first engagement, Jack discovers two problems. First, he finds out that a clerk had “borrowed” money out of the petty cash box, and that the money is missing. Second, he discovers that another employee has been adjusting inventory numbers. This first audit experience serves as a great learning experience for students because it gives them an idea of what could happen on your first audit. Jack showed that although it was his first audit, he was going to make sure he did the right thing to address both issues. To conclude the chapter, Jack states that he left Bakersfield feeling that he “had not only learned a lot, but had done a good job as well.” This story helps the student to understand the full process of an audit and know what to do if problems are discovered. The chapter as a whole displays to the student how a new hire goes through the training process and then begins on their first audit. This allows the student to form an idea of what to expect when they begin their careers at their respective firms.
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