The Auditor and Fraud

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The primary responsibility for fraud detection lies with management. This arises due to a contractual duty of care. Directors are able to discharge their duty toward prevention and detection of fraud and error in many ways, for example: * Complying with the Combined Code on Corporate Governance * Developing a code of conduct, monitoring compliance and taking action against breaches * Emphasising a strong commitment to fraud prevention. This involves establishing a culture of honesty and ethical behaviour within the organisation with clearly communicated policies. * Establishing an internal audit function
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Typical rationalisations include:
I am only borrowing the money and will pay it back
Nobody will get hurt (perception of fraud as “victimless” crime
The company treats me unfairly and owes me
Its only temporary until my financial position improves
Everybody’s at it!!

The extent to which individuals appear to be motivated by greed. Again, a difficult characteristic to assess but the individual’s concern with money and consumer goods may provide some clues about this. If someone starts turning up to work in a brand new Ferrari, they may have won the lottery, or benefited from the demise of a loving relative, or they could be up to no good!!
The degree of loyalty exhibited by an individual. If the individual has been with one firm a long time, this may indicate a certain level of satisfaction with their employment and perhaps reduce the likelihood of them committing fraud. You should, however, also be aware that experienced employees, because they are trusted, might have a greater opportunity to commit fraud. Ernst & Young Survey (2000) found that nearly half of the employees who defrauded their firms had been employed for over five years. Also bear in mind that opportunities to commit fraud can arise when an employee reaches a level of trust in an organisation or when internal controls are weak or nonexistent. Then the employee if he or she is so motivated will perceive that there is an opportunity to commit fraud, conceal it, and
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