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The August of Awakening
The year was 2008. I had recently awoken at an ungodly hour (as was customary of me during holidays) in order to inform my obviously ignorant parents, that it was in fact my 10th birthday. They played it off very well that they were not aware of this fact, and I became upset that they had forgotten. This was to be a majestic day, the day my age finally became double digits. This day had been awaited much, much longer than any of my other birthdays. My mind began to flood with thoughts of my parents simply skipping over my special day, and treating it as anything other than the most important day in all of human history. It was my 10th birthday, and it seemed as though not a person in the world thought anymore of this day than August 21st, 1998. Little did I know that the birthday of 2008 was going to be one that I would remember for the rest of my life. The morning of my birthday actually does not begin until about 9 in the morning, because my parents used to use the weekend as a time to catch up on sleep. During the seemingly never-ending lapse in time before my parents got out of bed, I reminded my self of the Christmas of 2002. I remember myself running down the stairs ready to open my gifts, and enjoy a day with my family. However this completely selfish attitude was flipped upside down that day, because upon walking into the room, I noticed my parents no longer held me up to the pedestal I had been on for the past 3 years. My ten-year-old
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