The Australian Broadcasting Corporation 's Australian Story

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The Australian Broadcasting Corporation’s Australian Story is a TV series that has journalists interviewing people who are considered to have or who inspire other people in their lives. In the 18 years on air, the program has received accolades for its unique personal approach and has gained a strong following from audiences around the nation. Understanding that the Australian Story brief demands “Unique stories that feature fascinating characters and original storylines with unexpected 'twists and turns ' and compelling visuals,” I am proposing a candidate on whom the Australian Story team could base a future episode.

This person is someone who has given much of her life to the hospital. She now wants to give back to people who have struggled or who are struggling with tough situations in their own lives. She wants to say, the struggle is truly worth it. This girl is a true warrior who deserves recognition for her courage and optimism in the face of a heart condition that has no cure. Her name is Caitlan Zieth but most people know her as ‘Smilie’. She is an inspiring family member and friend, a proud singer, a girl with a hole in her heart, and a motivated person, whose story offers content that is “unique and inspiring.” She is able to provide “an insight into life’s big dilemmas, challenges and the human condition “ a theme” preferred by the programmers of Australian Story.

Smilie is the second eldest out of five siblings and was born in Brisbane, Queensland, on the…
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