The Australian Competency Standards For The Registered Nurse

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Page 1 of 5 How would your chosen nurse measure unto the current Australian competency standards for the registered nurse? In the last 200 years the ideas and theories of nursing and nurses in Australia alone has changed dramatically. Strict expectations continue to evolve all over the world as the demand for care of individuals, sick or well increases. This essay will discuss how nurses of the Nightingale era, more specifically how Florence Nightingale herself would measure up against the current Australian competency standards for the registered nurse. This will be seen by, firstly, an introduction about Nightingale and discussing the roles and responsibilities of nurses in that era, then comparing it to the expectations and strict…show more content…
(BBC,2016). The military hospital was so unhygienic that ten times more soldiers were dying of infectious diseases such as cholera and typhoid, rather than battle wounds(McDonald,L, 2013 b). On arrival Nightingale noted that the soldiers were Bell_Demi-Leigh - S290284_Assessment 1 _ NUR120 Page 2 of 5 negligently cared for and the hospital itself had a lack of basic essentials ( McDonald,L 2013 b). The main 3 areas noted in the military hospital contributing to the death toll was poor food, uncleanliness and fouled drains. Florence instructed her team of 38 volunteer nurses to clean the kitchens and wards, whilst the British government ordered a sanitation commission to flush out the drains and improve ventilation in the hospital, whilst Florence brought food from England, clean linen, clothing and soap for the wounded. This was the first time sanitation had been introduced to hospitals ( Fee, E & Garofalo, ME, 2010). Nightingale pioneered implementing hygienic conditions in hospitals for the ill and wounded. Florence Nightingales contribution to nursing was the pinpoint of change and the start of how we perceive nursing today. She founded her nursing school in London and supplied the world with a team of trained matrons & nurses. The standards of nursing improved and it began to be considered as a worthy profession in its own right. Florence innovation
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