The Australian Competency Standards For The Registered Nurse

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How would your chosen nurse measure unto the current Australian competency standards for the registered nurse?
In the last 200 years the ideas and theories of nursing and nurses in Australia alone has changed dramatically. Strict expectations continue to evolve all over the world as the demand for care of individuals, sick or well increases. This essay will discuss how nurses of the Nightingale era, more specifically how Florence Nightingale herself would measure up against the current Australian competency standards for the registered nurse. This will be seen by, firstly, an introduction about Nightingale and discussing the roles and responsibilities of nurses in that era, then comparing it to the expectations and strict policies nurses in 2016 are expected to abide by.
Florence Nightingale was a well educated woman who was expected to marry one of her suiters, however this did not sit well with Florence. Nightingale believed she had a calling to care for the sick. With her father putting aside his disappointments he eventually give in to Florence and allowed her to train as a nurse in Germany. In August 1853 Nightingale become the superintendent at a women’s hospital in London’s Harley Street. (BBC,2016)
In 1853, allies including, France, the United Kingdom and the Ottoman empire declared war against Russia (the Crimean war). Up until then it was a taboo for women to provide services for the army. The secretary of state at war was well acquainted with…
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