The Australian Consumer Law and Consumer Guarantees

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The Australian Consumer Law (ACL) was established to protect consumers in any legal trading activities in Australia. A set of guarantees has also been introduced for those consumers who are acquiring goods and services from Australian suppliers, importers or manufacturers. The guarantees are intended to ensure that consumers will receive the goods or services they have paid for. If they have problems with the products and services they bought, they are entitled for remedies, such as repair, replacement, and refund.
As regulations keep changing, it is important to note that consumer guarantees are only applicable for goods and services purchased on or after 1st January 2011. The laws that applied before 1st January 2011 might cover any
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Thus, the total price has to be clearly stated in the payment receipt (Australian Completion and Consumers Commission, 2013)

How acceptable is the quality of products and services?
• Consumers are guaranteed to receive products and services that do not provide any harm to them. For products, the quality of products has to be acceptable, fit for the purposes, match with the sample, description and demonstration. More importantly, the products and services have to be matched and fit as what the staff said.
There was a case in 1936, according to Carvan, J (2010) Dr. Grant, the plaintiff, suffered dermatitis, as a result of wearing woolen underpants which had been manufactured by the defendant (Australian Knitting Mills Ltd). Later, there was defective element in the underpants that assumed as the cause of the dermatitis. Grant successfully sued knitting because the quality of the product was not acceptable.
• Staffs have to honour consumers’ guarantee, including express and extended warranties (Australian Consumer Law, 2013)

How long are the products’ warranties and can it be extended?
• Warranties of products are vary to each other and normally is one year. However, there are specific products that have warranty period greater than one year, such as car and furniture.
• A warranty of a product can be extended by providing additional protection or to lengthen the coverage of the manufacturer’s
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