The Australian Exchange Securties ( Asx ) Group

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FNSACC402 Assessment 2 S71839 FNSACC402 Prepare operational budgets Assessment 2 - Project Part A - A brief introduction about ASX Group The Australian Exchange Securties (ASX) group is well known as one of top ten leading stock market exchange worldwide. ASX is a place where stock brokers and traders buy and sell shares (also called as stocks), bonds and other different types of securities. For details, ASX provides a wide ranges of products including shares, exchange trade funds (ETFs) and other ETPs, indices, bonds, hybrid securities, managed funds, warrants, options, index derivatives, interest rate derivatives, grains derivatives, energy derivatives and market making arrangements. ASX group is being said as the “heart of Australian’s…show more content…
QUESTION 1 The ASX’s annual report is mainly disseminated to its current shareholders and potential shareholders. Its target audiancce also includes investors, employees, suppliers, listed companies in ASX, analysts, foreign companies, government, communities. This can be done by different methods such as: - Issue its annual report in printed version or send email to its shareholders and other interested people - Display these reports in ASX’s website - Advertise these reports in social media or other investing websites - Hold an annual meeting with its shareholders and other relatives in regard of distributing the annua reports QUESTION 2 There are a number of reason why people who is mentioned in question 1 need the information contained in the annual report. They are: - For investors/shareholders: It is very important for them to know well about the company’s finance situation in order to make decisions on whether they should invest in that company or not. Furthermore, understanding the annual report also help investors make a comparison between their interested companies. From there, they can make a final decisions and get a better investment strategies. FNSACC402 Assessment 2 S71839 - For employees: Employees can be recognized as potential investors because they are probably interested in investing to gain their wealth without having to work. That is why they need to be aware of annual reports to make
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