The Australian Health And Beauty Platform

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Nourished Life About Nourished Life The Australian health and beauty platform was started by Irene Falcone, who was passionate about providing other beauty lovers toxin-free products. Her quest for toxin-free products started out from her own health problems and soon she started researching the industry in detail. As there was not enough focus on providing ecological and toxin-free products, she started her our community and online platform. So, the Nourished Life platform was born and it has since grown into a huge online community of beauty lovers who want to look and feel healthy and good! Customer Support Nourished Life provides customers with great customer support options. You can contact the customer service representatives by phone or through a contact form, or find answers to the most common questions in the FAQ section. You can also learn more about the ingredient policy of the platform, as well as browse the ingredient directory to find out more about what goes in the natural beauty products you can find from the platform. ********************************************************************************* Retailer is into Nourished Life offers an extensive list of products on its website. You can find items in the following toxin-free product categories: 1. Skin Care a. Face cleansers, toners and mist b. Moisturisers and eye creams c. Facial serums and oils d. Multi-purpose balms e. Scrubs, masks and exfoliators f. Fake tan and sunscreen products 2. Makeup a. BB
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