The Australian Health Care System

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The Australian health care system is a highly functioning and accessible system in the whole world.
Our Health System is shaped around many factors including; age, race, health, socioeconomic and cultural backgrounds, health history and location.
There are many facets of the Australian Health care System. It doesn’t just include the local doctor; there are many other services that are a part of a larger network.
There are many governing bodies that enable the policy, legislation, coordination and funding aspects of delivering quality services. Australia’s regulation of health services is the responsibility of government with the planning and delivery of services been shared between non-government and
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Demand increased between the great wars for a better public health system. Private hospitals were too expensive for many people with serious ailments. Public hospitals became the best place to receive the best treatment with public hospitals setting up wards for public patients that couldn’t pay and private wards for those patients that could pay. Public hospitals struggled with revenue and many set up contribution schemes in the 1930’s
In 1928, a compulsory health insurance scheme was suggested and turned down because the friendlies society thought it compromised their business model. It was then reintroduced in 1938 and this time opposed by the medical profession as they questioned the range of services covered.
In 1944 a Pharmaceuticals Scheme was implemented but was challenged by the Victorian government and the health profession. The High court found it to be unconstitutional and argued the scheme was an infringement on a practitioner’s right to prescribe medication new PBS commenced but was not implanted due to strong opposition from the medical profession who did not support the proposed renumerating and administrative arrangements
In 1950 the Menzies government introduced the first National Health Scheme. Individuals were free to choose if they wanted to be covered by insurance. They also branched into Aged Care funding organisations to build housing for older people and then nursing homes. Over the
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