The Australian Health Care System

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THE AUSTRALIAN HEALTH CARE SYSTEM The Australian health care system is a highly functioning and accessible system in the whole world. Our Health System is shaped around many factors including; age, race, health, socioeconomic and cultural backgrounds, health history and location. There are many facets of the Australian Health care System. It doesn’t just include the local doctor; there are many other services that are a part of a larger network. There are many governing bodies that enable the policy, legislation, coordination and funding aspects of delivering quality services. Australia’s regulation of health services is the responsibility of government with the planning and delivery of services been shared between non-government and government sectors. The cost of the Health Care System is significantly high because of our ever-changing economy and population growth. Aging population, increased chronic conditions, diseases and risk factors and new technologies and education also play a factor when it comes to spending on health. The Australian Heath Care System has come a long way. From around 1901 health care was considered a state issue rather than a federal issue. Around the end of World War 1 the community realised there was a connection between poverty and poor health. The community expectation was that health care should be available to everybody irrespective of their ability to pay for care. In 1921 The Commonwealth Department of Health was developed focussing on
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