The Australian Health Insurance Policy

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The Commonwealth funds the Australian health insurance policy and it allows the Australian population to receive free hospital services from the public hospital ( 2016). The Medibank started in Australia, in the year 1975 under the Whitlam Labour Government, first introduced the Medicare policy of Australia. Before the Medibank was set up in Australia, in the year 1974, Medibank legislation was passed in the same year. The “Health Insurance Bill” that helped in establishing the Medibank was passed in the year 1973, although it was not the only bill that helped in establishing the Medibank but there are several other bills as well that helped in establishing it (Boxall and Gillespie, 2013). The other bills that accompanied the…show more content…
The new “Medibank II” was established in the year 1976, and this new “Medibank II” charged 2.5% tax on the public, whereas in case of the previous Medibank such was not in the case (Sharman, Hensher, Wilkinson, Campbell and Venn, 2015). The old Medibank charged 1.5% levies on the public income, although in case of this new Medibank the population in Australia. The people are allowed to use the private health insurances at the same time, and these health insurances too helped the public in availing proper health care services from the hospitals ( 2016). The change that is being introduced by the Liberal-National government of Australia also went through a change, in the year 1984, when the Hawke Labour Government came to the power. The Hawke Labour government introduced the previous or the original Medibank that was set up by the Whitlam Labour Government (Gray, 2016). The financial arrangement although, went through certain changes along with the name. It was no longer termed as Medibank rather a new name is offered to this Medibank and that is Medicare. The financial arrangement of this particular Medicare policy included receiving public funding, or the 1% of the total income of the people as a tax, for this particular health insurance policy (Gardner, Yen, Banfield, Gillespie, Mcrae and Wells,
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