The Australian Leisure And Entertainment Property Group

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The Australian Leisure and Entertainment Property Group (ALE) was established in November 2003, and today continues to be an active fund and asset manager. ALE engages in property investment and property fund management, and with a total of 86 pub properties, it currently holds the largest portfolio of pub properties in the whole of Australia. As of June 2015, ALE’s manages approximately $900.5 million of property assets. The focus of ALE is on all aspects of their business; being economic, social and environmental. ALE places emphasis on promoting ethical and responsible decision-making. They are committed to acting responsibly and with the highest integrity in relation to their dealings with their Trust and its Holders. Further, they emphasis the importance of good faith, care and diligence from their behalf and thus in their actions (Disclosure Document ALE, 2003). 2003 investment of $1.00 in ALE has a current accumulated value of $10.58 Investment at 2003 ASX listing - $1.00 (=$ 91m) Total cash distributions and payments to date - $2.61 (= $308m) Tax preferred component of distributions to date – $1.92 (=$266m) Accumulated value to 30 June 2015 - $10.58 (=1058%) Current market capitalisation (up from $91m at 2003 IPO) - $722m A major investor when referring to ALE is a stapled security-holder that holds a significant amount of securities more than other investors within ALE, and thus has a substantially higher percentage of voting rights. As of July 2015, there

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