The Australian Music Industry Needs To Have A Dynamic Digital

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The Australian music industry needs to have a dynamic digital presence that showcases the innovative projects of local musicians to a national and international market. Two thirds of Australians use the internet to consume artistic content. A summary of Australian Participation in the Arts’ found consumption rates had increased from 15% in 2009 to 20% in 2015. This digital participation has caused an increase of 5% to the value of recorded music in Australia. Technological advancement is Omni-present within the working environment for Australian musicians and has caused a profound change in how individuals listen to music (p. 34). There are a limited number of platforms available on the internet that contain a ‘library’ of projects in…show more content…
Information buttons and email sequences allow for a straight forward and upfront experience on the Weebly platform. Setup assistance will be useful in the original stages of the blog in comparison to Squarespace which is outlined to drop people into the interface with limited assistance. Inbuilt real-time statistics provide an overview of audience participation where users are able track the visitation rate of audience members. Due to the simplistic nature of Weebly the additional information of statistics will enable arrangement of how content is presented on the platform. As one of the features of the blog will be the personalisation of content these statistics allow for a refined focus on audience members and what they consume. Weebly doesn’t have the “built in community” of Tumblr and falls an estimated 1.23 million subscribers behind Wix on a worldwide scale. However, rates over time in Australia show a pattern and the competitive nature where Weebly reached 85% in August last year (Wix feel 5% behind). As the target audience members of the blog are Australian Weebly holds a dominate reach in most states. In comparison to Wix and Squarespace Weebly is a cheaper option without the need of additional payments and due to movability of code it is compatible with growth. This cheaper price however means there are visual limitations as Weebly doesn’t have the custom templates of its competitor Squarespace. The time and money saved in the setup process of the

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