The Australian Music Scene Of Australia

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The Australian Music Scene is on of the best and is growing. Even though it is far away from major musical capitals such as America and the UK there is still a thriving live music scene in Australia. There are many different cultures and genres that musicians play in Australia. With so many festivals and gigs throughout the long summers, musicians love to come and play in Australia.
Australia has lots of great bands being exposed to the world. Triple J Unearthed is a great way of exposing Indie and small bands to the whole of Australia. The latest Australian band to make it big around the world is Tame Impala who won The Rolling Stone “Album of the Year” in 2010 for their debut album and 2012 for their second album. Australia has quite
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This can be a hassle and quite hard if you haven’t had much experience.
Touring in a band is a really good way to get known in different areas and not just your local pub. Touring locally would be best for trying to get your name out there and gaining fans. Touring around Australia would be appropriate for when you have quite a lot of fans over Australia. There is no point booking a tour if no one will show up. You will lose a lot of money. Touring overseas will cost a lot more than around Australia and is good for when you are known across different countries. This would take a while to get to this status and would be best to use an agent for overseas bookings and accommodation.
Artist managers are important for bands. They do many things for the band to help them; they take care of the business side of things like contacting record companies. The manager makes sure that everyone involved in the band is doing their job. The manager might be on the phone with a record label asking about advertising campaigns or on the phone with an agent discussing upcoming gigs.
Tour managers make sure that tours go smoothly. They manage the tour finances, deal with ticketing agencies and making sure everyone on tour is on task. They basically manage the people who are on tour. In bigger bands the role of a Tour Manager might be split into three or four people.
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