The Australian Organic Food Industry Market Analysis Essay

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1) Executive Summary
The global organic industry is the fastest growing food category, with demand outstripping supply in most developed economies. This presents significant export opportunities for Australia. Organics is practiced in over 120 countries of which Australia has the largest area of certified organic land with over 12.3 million hectares available.
Since 2000, the Australian organic industry has more than doubled in value. Currently there are over 2,500 organic operators representing all levels of the supply chain. The Australian organic industry comprises a diverse range of products, which is expanding due to increasing consumer demand. The most important sectors are beef and horticulture.
Companies are increasingly focusing on everyday foodstuffs, particularly whole fruit and fruit juices, which carry the ‘naturally healthy’ message. Berries, oats, whole grains, almonds, peanuts and fresh orange juice are examples of foods that have been successfully marketed for their intrinsic healthfulness” (Australian Trade Commission, 2016).
The objective of this paper is to provide a contemporary overview of the Australian organic food industry Market analysis which includes, Target Marketing, Segments, Positioning, Micro & Macro Environment, Consumer behaviour, Perception, Marketing mix strategies on a specific Organic brand from Woolworths called “MACRO”.
Organic Food Market in Australia
The Australian organic food industry is booming. It is currently worth around
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