The Australian Population Is Fast Becoming An Aging Society

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1. Executive Summary
This report provides a cultural responsiveness framework for delivering culturally responsive services and safe practice in aged care. This report is written for Southern Cross Care in insuring clients from culturally and linguistically diverse (CALD) backgrounds receive services that are culturally responsive and demonstrate safe practice. This report will focus on older Chinese immigrants who will be accessing aged care services with Southern Cross Care.

1.1 Research Context
Research has shown that the Australian population is fast becoming an aging society. A huge proportion of older people accounting for this aging society were born overseas. According to Australian Bureau of Statistics in 2011, 36% of
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With this continued growth in numbers there is a vital need for culturally competent aged care in Australia.

Chinese immigrants have adapted into Australia, but still adhere to their values, cultures, and traditions. Often practitioners lack the cultural competence or awareness and fail to provide suitable care for their clients. With not much in way of research and practitioners lack of cultural competence there leaves gaps for Chinese immigrants accessing aged care services. Gaps in communication barriers and cultural misunderstandings are two areas that could take away from clients receiving culturally appropriate aged care.

1.3 List of Recommendation:
• Ethnicity training be mandatory for Southern Cross Care staff
• Use of profession interpreter
• Use of language cue card

Purpose of Cultural Competencies
Understanding cultural differences improves the effectiveness of the treatment a client receives. Cultural competency has a positive effect on client care delivery by enabling practitioners to deliver services that are respectful of and responsive to the health beliefs, practices and cultural and linguistic needs of diverse clients (National Institute of Health, 2015).

Mather Life Ways (n.d) detail traits of an organization that are trained in cultural competency:
• Recognize common barriers to cultural understanding among clients
• Interpret and respond effectively to verbal and nonverbal communication cues
• Assess and respond to
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