The Australian Toy Safety Standards Essay

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Classification toy
- Teaches children how to classify
- Children must put the correct block in the appropriate cut-out hole
- The box and the blocks that fit in the hole are made of soft foam to meet the Australian Toy Safety Standards
- The box as rounded corners so during play, children will not hurt themselves
- Encourages physical growth, solitary and active play
- The child will learn how to group according to more than one feature of the object
(The Australian Toy Safety Standards state that toys for children under the age of 3 must not have small parts that come off after wear and tear. This prevents choking, suffocation or death. Building blocks must also be smoothly finished.)

From the perspective of Piaget's theory of cognitive development, a child's thought processes when they are at the age period of 2-7 years, are still developing, and are far from having the ability to think logically. Egocentrism is when a child has difficulty taking the viewpoints of others, and is also what Piaget believed was to be one of the main problems with children of the preoperational stage. Children in this stage also mainly struggle with issues such as seriation, classification and conservation. Classification can be defined as "the ability to group objects into sets based on specific characteristics such as colour, shape, size". However, during this stage, children only know how to classify objects based on a…