The Australian Workplace Is A Evolving Environment

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The Australian workplace is a constantly evolving environment. When we look at the structure of the Australian workplace environment, we can infer that Australia’s multicultural society has broken down the barriers of uniformity. This both contextual and individual concept is refereed to as diversity. Contrary to popular belief, diversity does not jus relate to gender, race & cultural identity. Diversity is categorized into four main categories: organisational, internal, external and personality. From these categories, various experiences and perspectives arise, portraying the concept of diversity. Unless managed and understood properly, diversity can cause a wide range of obstacles in the Australian workplace, with the main workplace…show more content…
Australian workplace human resource managers are coming to the conclusion that in order for the organisation to function effectively, institutionalized dimensions creating the barrier of diversity need to addressed and removed. Successful organisations have embedded the principles of diversity management in all areas of Human resource management from recruitment, to workplace health and safety, performance appraisals, selection and training. Implementing these strategies not only improves the rapport and competitive advantage of the organisation within the business world, the organisation is also perceived as a positive influence within the community, enhancing the ability to reach organisation objectives and the overall perception of product and service quality.

Although we live in a technological world, employees still need to interact on a face-to-face basis and in order to achieve this, barriers preventing positive diversity such as stereotypes, discrimination and ethnocentrism. For organisational inclusiveness of diversity, resource managers must determine the rationale behind the need to implement diversity and the benefits it would have on their organisation. The organisational frame of diversity initiatives depends on the outcome the resources managers
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